So… How Does It Work?

Posy Lane Co. is a Gold Coast based flower delivery & flower subscription service.
Our little team of flower enthusiasts create beautiful assortments of blooms to brighten up your house or office 3 days a week. Whether it’s to say Thanks, I love you, Happy Birthday or just to look pretty.. Whatever the occasion, the team is up bright an early to source the best and freshest blooms from local farmers and suppliers in order to create your unique posy by 9am. A photo is posted each day to our website, Facebook and Instagram by 9am for you to choose. Each posy is hand delivered to your door, by us, in a glass jar to keep your flowers looking fresher and prettier for longer.. x
Is it complicated? Not at all…

Order Today’s Posy by 1pm

We will deliver it to your door by 5:30pm


Pre-order or subscribe

One posy a week for four weeks


Our posy will brighten your day

Whatever the occasion

For any enquiries, please contact us


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